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Here's a selection of teaching reviews from students at Eastern Kentucky University.

"Professor Fitch has been great! He has also been my advisor ever since I started my education at Eastern and has always been helpful." 

"How the hell did it take me this long to take a film class with Fitch?"

"Fitch brings a very real sense of expertise to film in general, not just those discussed in the course. He was equal parts approachable and analytical."

"I had a lot fun writing this screenplay. I never thought I would be able to write a screenplay in my lifetime but because of your class I was able to complete a whole 90 page screenplay. Thank you for the opportunity. It is something I will treasure my whole life."

"Thank you for teaching me how to write a script."

"This class was fun and actually made us talk with each other and discuss the things we saw on screen and apply them to the things we read."

"Professor Fitch not only helped me learn about the history of film, but also ways to properly analyze it."

“The class discussions before and after films were very helpful in grasping the concepts depicted within the variety of films viewed.”

"Dr. Fitch was always available if I had questions and he provided resources for students to use and further their knowledge of cinema".

“Learning how to truly appreciate film has opened my eyes, and made me appreciate as well as better articulate the films I see.”

"His lectures were helpful and was very hands on."


“I appreciated having to pull aspects of the cinema culture out of specific movies and relate them to one another.”

“Helped to understand the material better than just turning on the projector and leaving us to our own devices.”


“Incorporated humor into lessons.”

“He would talk in depth about the history of film and the film industry as a whole. He talked to us and held conversations with us during class and if we had questions he would answer them extremely well.”

“He did a very good job of teaching us the format for writing screenplays, something I had no prior knowledge or experience



“Used examples from films that were widely known. Utilized online videos to help further explain a subject.”


“He used a lot of outside material to relate to class lectures. He was also always available for help.”


“Knew what he was talking about, gave good feedback on first draft.”


“The hands-on aspect was perfect for this class. With set page count deadlines, it assists in actually moving along creatively.”

"I really enjoyed this course, and that is all due to the instructor who taught it. He taught it. He taught us in fun ways, there was a lot of in class participation, and he made the material easy to learn."


"I really look forward to taking another class with this teacher. I feel he was a great all around teacher!"


"Awesome, enthusiastic teacher!"

"Very hand on, genuine and seemed to really care about how we do in class."

"The hands on experience with camera work, lighting, etc. has been very helpful and the best learning style realistically."

"He teaches the class perfectly."


"This was one of my favorite classes that I have taken during my time at EKU. I love John Fitch−− He is an excellent teacher and really cares about the students. He will do anything and everything in his will to make sure the students understand the topics and work given to them. If you need to spend more time on it in class, he will give it to you. He has been really great about any advice that I need on writing, and because of this class, I am most certain that I am going to try to work in screenwriting in the future and possibly try to market some of my work."


"Overall a great teacher. I’m glad I got to take him."

"Professor was willing to work on issues with student groups in a fair matter."

"Very personable and not afraid to give honest criticism."

"He’s smart and gives good feedback."

"He explains what is expected and he answers questions well.  He explains everything well."


​"Mr. Fitch is really amazing! Very good teacher and very entertaining. He made class fun!"

"He knows about the subject very well.  He has a great personality.  He can be laid back at times but not too much."

"John Fitch was a great professor, history is not my strongest subject, but he taught it in a way that helped me learn the historical background and have fun learning the material."

"I enjoyed the class in general, learn different aspect of Film History. Great class!"

"Great professor. Loved the class. He's doing an excellent job and is very passionate about his material. He has a great sense of humor and a great sense of caring about his students."

“You’re a wonderful professor and for the first time in three years I’ve been at EKU I finally feel like I am where I belong and I thank you for that! You’ve made me excited to learn! Thank you for your support, advice and guidance! You always make me feel important when we talk! I also want to thank you for the letter of recommendation. If only I could see myself the way you described me! Your letter was so kind and full of support….Thank you for everything you have done for me! I feel so blessed you’ve helped me to find a career I am so excited about.”

“I know you sometimes question how much I’m learning in class, but I want you to know that I have learned more from you than any other professor I’ve had at Eastern. Two years ago I barely knew how to run a camera or edit footage. And for that I wholeheartedly thank you.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I got the internship at _________ and I start next Monday!....I want to thank you for being the most patient and understanding professor ever. You’ve been really great.”

“I have enjoyed having you as a professor the past two years and I have learned so much from your lectures that will benefit me in the future.”

“Mr. Fitch is a marvelous teacher. He is very passionate about the subject matter and teaches it with great clarity….[he] has been very well prepared for all lectures and the class has run smoothly.”

“John Fitch is an excellent professor, he has almost always introduced new ideas or perspectives in and outside of the classroom.”

“Amazing class, amazing teacher, amazing everything.”

“Great course, great teacher. I would love to continue with classes like this one in the future if I can. Great job Professor Fitch! I really felt as though I learned a lot and it is rare to say that I truly enjoyed a class, and in this case, I truly enjoyed this class.”

“John Fitch is a teacher that appeals to his students with humor. He speaks to the students as adults and gives them responsibility needed to pass the course. He guides students while letting them experience something on their own.”

“Great class, Great Instructor, stirred my interest in the subject.”

“I appreciate his negative and positive feedback because it was honest and truthful.”

“John Fitch has an excellent way to explain and encourage students to do their best and help each other. He’s very understanding and pays all the attention to what we have to say.”

“I’ve learned a lot, and the professor has always had a knack for getting the most out of the class.”

“Professor Fitch has always showed students how to answer their own questions and help themselves. He really tries to help us learn something we can take with us and use later.”

“Fitch knows what he is doing! He is a great professor”

“Fitch is a fabulous professor. He makes himself approachable to the students, encourages us to ask questions and makes himself available outside of class to answer any questions we might have.”

“Best teacher on campus.”

“I really enjoyed this class and liked how it was taught.”

“Fitch is a great person and an even better professor. Very kind hearted and sincerely cared about student success.”

“Although this course is required to graduate, being instructed by professor Fitch made it enjoyable.”

“Give this man a raise!”

“Prof. John Fitch is one of the finest and most helpful teachers at Eastern. I strongly recommend him to anyone unsure of which courses to take. He has given me substantial motivation to keep following my desires to be in the media.”

“I really enjoyed this class. It was creatively challenging. The instructor was really good. He was willing to answer any questions to help a student in any way.”

“Good class and teacher!”

“I thought it was a great class and it’s one of those classes I actually looked forward to attending each class time.”

“Great class and great teacher!”

“I really enjoyed this class. The professor is very chill and gives us a say in how we want to learn.”

“Great instructor.”

"I highly enjoy the course. I look forward to the lectures before and after the presentation, and the discussion I can engage in with the instructor."

"I actually learned a lot about film history that also tied into world history it was an enjoyable class. I also enjoyed Mr. Fitch's dry sense of humor."

"Nice class, great format, great teacher, great methods."

"Great teacher! Really cares about student's education."

"Fantastic teacher. I loved taking this class."

"Awesome teacher. His laid back learning style made it easy to grasp the concepts put forth."

"From the start at this university, I've looked forward to taking this course. I have enjoyed it immensely...Fitch breaks the learning down into simple digestible chunks."

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