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Completed Screenplays

The Lowest Deep



















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When her rebellious roommate vanishes, a bullied newcomer at a repressive religious university must solve the mystery of her disappearance and battle a supernatural curse that has taken over the school.

Screenplay by John Fitch III. Story by John Fitch III & Mitch Smith


Cold Readings  












When white supremacists kill her brother in a terrorist attack, a desperate FBI agent teams up with a mentally fragile woman posing as a psychic to stop the next attack, but their quest is threatened when restless spirits emerge from the afterlife.

A Thicker Kind of Blood 













After a brutal attack by one of his patients, a traumatized psychiatrist forms an unusual friendship with a wounded special forces veteran and embarks on a dangerous campaign against a backwoods bully who threatens to expose dark family secrets.

Screenplays in Progress



After a precognitive experience, a broke, depressed street artist goes to work for a billionaire as a remote viewer but must fight his way out when he discovers that his employer is embroiled in a deadly conspiracy. 

The Mural


A graduating college senior puts her future at risk when she teams up with an elder civil rights activist to fight for the removal of a racially charged mural on a southern university campus. Based on a true story.

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