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When her rebellious roommate vanishes, a bullied newcomer at a repressive religious university must solve the mystery of her disappearance and battle a supernatural curse that has taken over the school.

Screenplay by John Fitch III. Story by John Fitch III & Mitch Smith














When white supremacists kill her brother in a terrorist attack, a desperate FBI agent teams up with a mentally fragile woman posing as a psychic to stop the next attack, but their quest is threatened when restless spirits emerge from the afterlife.














After a brutal attack by one of his patients, a traumatized psychiatrist forms an unusual friendship with a wounded special forces veteran and embarks on a dangerous campaign against a backwoods bully who threatens to expose dark family secrets.


After a supernatural experience, a young street artist at the end of his rope goes to work for a fossil fuel billionaire as a psychic viewer but must fight his way out when he discovers that his employer is embroiled in a deadly conspiracy. Inspired by true events.

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FINALIST - UPIKE Film  Media Arts Festiv
NOMINEE - Lonely Wolf London Internation
SEMI FINALIST - New York International Screenplay Awards - 2022.png
FINALIST - Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival - 2022.png
SEMI FINALIST - Atlanta International Screenplay Awards - 2021.png
SEMIFINALIST - Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition - 2021 (1).png
Best Podcast - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival - 2022.png
BEST PODCAST - Swedish International Film Festival - 2022.png
Second Round Selection - ISA Fast Track Fellowship - 2023.png
Nominee - Best Thriller Podcast - LA WEBFEST - 2023.png
BEST FEATURE SCRIPT - Diabolical Horror Film Festival - 2021.png
SEMIFINALIST - Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship - 2023.png
HONORABLE MENTION - Like It Film Fest - 2023.png
Cold Readings Poster June 23.png
Lowest Deep Poster June 23.png
BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY - UPIKE Film  Media Arts Festival - 2022.png
SEMIFINALIST - Emerging Screenwriters Suspense Competition - 2023.png
SEMIFINALIST - Emerging Screenwriters Suspense Competition - 2023.png
BEST OF THE SEASON AUDIO STORY - Echonation Audio and Film Festival - 2022.png
BEST PODCAST OVER 30 MINUTES - Echonation Audio and Film Festival - 2022.png
Quarterfinalist - Creative Screenwriting Feature Competition - 2023.png

Based on true events, this dark thriller follows an investigation into the controversial life and mysterious death of famed monk Thomas Merton through the eyes of one of his biggest and least likely fans: an AWOL U.S. Army medic hiding in Bangkok during the Vietnam war. Based on true events.

TV pilot written by John Fitch III & Mitch Smith

Quarter Finalist - ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition - 2024.png
Quarter Finalist - Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards - 2023.png
Viewing Poster 2024.png
BEST SCREENPLAY - CrimeMystery Film  Screenplay Festival - 2024.png
QUARTERFINALIST - Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition - 2024.png
Quarterfinalist - TSL Free Screenplay Contest - 2024.png
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